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Unlike some Caribbean islands, Anguilla has a long tradition of welcoming couples who would like to get married here. The formalities are minimal and we can handle them all for you. If you want to get married on Anguilla, here are all the formal requirements.

Requirements for Marriage on Anguilla.

The Government of Anguilla grants couples the permission to marry on the island under the authority of a special license which takes 48 hours (2 working days) to process. It is recommended that couples arrive several days before the intended ceremony date to arrange paperwork.

Documents required to apply for a marriage license are the same as the documents needed for entry to Anguilla. These documents include: proof of citizenship such as a valid passport or birth certificate and driver's license with photo. In the event that one or both of the "intended" were marries before, an original certified proof of divorce or death certificate is required. The marriage License can be obtained from the Judicial Department between 8:30am and 2:30 pm, both parties must be present. Our Wedding Consultant will be present to assist you with paperwork or provide any other assistance.

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If one partner resides in Anguilla for at least fifteen days before the date of marriage, the cost of the license is US$40. If the stay is shorter, then the cost of the license is $284 stamp duty. Two witnesses over the age of 21 years are required.

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